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Roger Alix-Gaudreau is an eclectic reader, but epic fantasy is his favorite genre; his family still teases him about that photo of him at age seven sitting in a corner with a fantasy book while his siblings and cousins played around him. After 40 years of weaving tales collaboratively with friends around the gaming table, it’s natural that he loves fantasy stories that are epic in scope and full of action, but loaded with personal moments and touches. 

Roger believes in the importance of family and the power of hope. He takes to heart the aphorism that “friends are the family we choose.” Family – biological and found – is often why the characters in his stories fight, and hope keeps them fighting when the price seems too high, when a rational person would give up. It’s interesting to explore the lengths people will go to for those they love.

A New England native, Roger lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two cats. He loves to travel, exploring new places and meeting new people so he can widen his perspective and bring new details to his writing. When he’s not visiting new places in person, he’s imagining them with friends accompanied by the clattering of polyhedral dice.